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Safety for adults on adult social media sites

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The internet sex stings concerning the solicitation of a minor are unconstitutional and do nothing more than test the will of average law-abiding males with consensual sex. These stings do not protect anyone because teens do not typically search for adults to have sex with on adult sites. These stings are nothing more than entrapment and the courts do not see the damage nor the rights of all involved. These stings are done on adult websites where age verification is required. Law enforcement posing as minors who are posing as adults on adult websites trap innocent victims using bait and switch techniques. The men that are arrested are not looking for minors while they are on adult sites. They get tricked after the conversations start and the implied interest (and expressed interest most of the time) in sex is being used against them as well as freedom of speech to talk them into "committing crimes". Many stop conversations and get arrested anyway, others don't believe and have no proof that a minor is involved.  You cannot always believe what and who you are talking to so many are curious to see who they really talking to that is so interested in sex. These stings are nothing more than a money scheme to get taxpayers money and waste it instead of using it for better investments. Visit Florida Scandal for proof and examples of the injustice that has been put on us.   

There you will see "real ads" used in real stings clearly advertising sex with a woman proving that these stings do not target child predators. Police seem to think when a random person on the internet who is supposed to be an adult looking for sex arbitrarily mentions they are "underage", then the men are supposed to "run away" but are not inclined to and should not have to because of the first amendment and lack of criminal activity.

In Georgia, O.C.G.A. §16-3-25 
A person is not guilty of a crime if, by entrapment, his conduct is induced or solicited by a government officer or employee, or agent of either, for the purpose of obtaining evidence to be used in prosecuting the person for the commission of the crime.

Entrapment exists when the plan to commit a crime originated with a government officer or employee and he, by undue persuasion, incitement, or deceitful means, induced the accused to commit the act, which the accused would not have committed except for the conduct of such officer.

The theory behind entrapment defense is to deter government conduct that entices innocent persons to break the law.

I personally was on an adult social media dating site called Tagged talking to who I thought was an 18 year old girl. When you register for Tagged you legally agree that you are 18 or older and that you can't misrepresent your identity or impersonate someone else. However, the person wasn't real, but a cop setting me up. They are trying to ruin the lives of 21 other men including myself, who were on various other sites . I was on the site looking for other adults to talk to. I was a month away from graduating and earning my masters degree in history; however, this will not happen. This whole situation has caused great sorrow and grief for my family. Please help by signing this petition.

here is a link to the sting

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