Please Help Revising Disciplinary Actions for Victims In the First Offender Law/Act

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Please help by signing this Petition for revising or making changes to the First Offenders Act in relation to violent crimes to be more beneficial for the victims of these actions. Victims are often treated as if they are the criminal. I am proposing if a criminal pleas guilty that he or she should not have the choice to plead his case. Also many times the first offender act provides the criminal the leisure of not spending any time in jail even though it causes victims severe emotional distress. I am proposing that the criminal spend no less time than thirty days in jail automatically for violent crimes. I am proposing that there be a speedy trial. Also to make it more beneficial for victims that there is a choice of a jury trial automatically. Many times victims do not see a judge or have a choice to have a trial. Last, I propose that restitution is automatically given to the victim for pain, suffering and for counseling paid through fine fees from the offender. I am a victim of a violent crime received no justice for the violent event that happened to me, My nose was broken and have scars still today and all the offender received was probation, nothing more . I have severe emotional distress to this day.  I can not change the decisions or actions in my case but I am here today to protect victims in the future. Please help me to give more justice and closure to victims of violent crimes. Stand up for the victims please and stop the cycle of making the victims feel as if they are the offenders Please. Together lets make a change

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