LOCK Our School Doors

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Dear Gov. Deal,

Being a recipient of public school system in Georgia, I felt compelled to create this petition after prayer and research on buzz doors. (A similar petition was created in Santa Rosa County)

This week as I watch the coverage of the shooting in South Florida I am reminded how easy it is to walk into a high school here in The State of Georgia. I have personally walked into high schools with no one asking me a question.  During those times I have thought to myself, it should not be that easy to enter a school. Yes, there are visitor's signs at every door, but that would never stop someone from entering.

While I understand locking all doors leading to the outside will never stop or end chaos that we have in our world, my hope is that it can prevent or slow down a tragedy like this from occurring.

I ask that you please seek a way to protect our kids, and lock all doors leading into the school. For the door that does have access into the school it should be manned, just as one cannot enter the airport without being screened, one should not be able to enter our school without being screened.

I realize that funding may be an issue when it comes to buzz doors but I ask, what is the price of the lives of our children.  I pray for our kids every day and every day, I am afraid.  I should not be afraid to send my kids to school.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter, I look forward to your response.


Triana, concerned parent

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