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Justice and Freedom for Thomas Zane Campbell

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This day has forever changed the life of Thomas Zane Campbell.  It all began when he was doing some tree work at a house on Potts Road.  The man he was doing the work for, apparently a well-known doctor's son and brother to a State Representative in Ringgold, had been under investigation for a drug distribution ring.  While there cutting trees down, someone called and reported that they had seen a felon in the woods with a firearm.  They showed up and searched Zane's vehicle, that was on the opposite side of the woods he was working in.  They found a gun and charged him with possession of a firearm by a felon.  (He was serving 10 years probation from things he had done in his younger years, nothing major.)  The courts offered him a PLEA deal and had he accepted it, he would have only served 6 months in a rehab/detention center.  In Zane's eyes, he didn't do anything wrong, he comes from a family of hunters and technically he didn't have the gun on his person, it was in the truck, but the gun hadn't been used in ANY crime at all.  So he did not accept the plea deal, thinking that really he had done nothing wrong and he was working trying to get his life on the right path.

Fast forward to the first day of his trial, at recess he could tell it wasn't going well at all.  He left court complaining of heart pains and said he needed to go the ER.  The entire hearing wasn't completely fair, but everyone knows how they work... it's all in WHO KNOWS WHO and so on.  The end of the trial came, and the judge sentenced him to 13 - THIRTEEN years, for something as stupid as a felon having a gun in his truck.  He didn't rape, murder or threaten anyone with it.  It was in his truck.

April 10, 2017 apparently the US Marshalls and local law enforcement agencies received information on where Zane was and they went to arrest him.  Zane was in the corner of a two story high screened in porch.  He could hear the cars racing up the drive way and hear someone coming up the steps.  The Catoosa County Detective called out to him.  Zane told him to stay back.  He did have a pistol and told the detective that he was going to end this himself, Zane was on the floor with legs crossed indian-style with the pistol under his chin and both hands on the pistol.  Between him and the door were boxes stacked on top of each other with a two story doll house on top.  The screaming between Zane the detective went back and forth giving three US marshals time to come up the steps.  The screen door had been pushed open enough for a pistol to be inserted and the two other marshals came in behind the detective.  Zane heard the detective count from 3 to 1 and shots began to quickly be fired.  The first shot entered his upper arm splintering his shoulder bone stopping just before his neck.  He went back then forward and the pistol flew out of his hand toward the center of the floor.  Second shot hit him in the upper arm, third shot hit near the elbow and fourth shot in the wrist.  The fifth shot in left forearm and two in the brick wall behind him.  All of these shots were fired downward, they could not see where they were firing.  They pulled him from the corner and the two marshals with rifles stood over him and fired into both knees.

More than thirty hours of surgery later, he was recovering in the hospital but still had no use of his arm or either of his legs.  The trauma doctor released him, thinking he would be going home, and the cops came and threw him in a wheel chair and rolled him to the cop car.  He spent the next 24 hours in pain at the jail, until the nurse decided she couldn't give him the kind of care he needs, so he was sent back to the hospital.  This gives you a little bit of the background to the story.  My reason for this petition is as follows:

This is a petition on behalf of my son, Thomas Zane Campbell, after a brutal shooting on April 10, 2017. He was given 15 years in prison, but after seven gunshot wounds he will never use his right arm or right leg ever again. He will be disabled for the rest of his life. We ask for you to grant him a pardon, so that his family may be there to help him with his needs. His freedom ended in just a few brief seconds. His imprisonment is for the rest of his life.

Sincerely, Deborah & Wayne Campbell

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