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My ex wife and I lost 4 children from 2003-2006. We later discovered that it was because of an incompetent cervix. The losses were traumatic on both of us. However, in 2006 my ex wife started accusing me of domestic violence charges that were not true as a means of coping. Twice I have faced the rest of my life in prison because of her accusations. There was never any proof against me in any of the cases just her words. In 2006, I was facing 52 years of prison and was coerced to take a plea. The same thing happened in 2013. What made the 2013 case even worse no due process was followed from arrest to conviction. I was arrested outside in a parking lot by the Marietta police. The officer told me that her story didn't make sense because he saw no signs of violence. When I asked him why he was putting handcuffs on me his exact words were, "I don't know, I have to go to my car and figure this out." Officer Goworek. No Miranda rights were read, I was handed a warrant 8 hours later inside Cobb county jail that stated I falsely imprisoned my wife by holding an apartment door shut and not permitting her to leave. That is a 10 year felony. Because of this accusation, I incurred two counts of cruelty to children second degree felony for a felony being committed in front of them. Those charges were 10 years for each child. That was 30 years worth of charges. They added an obstruction of a 911 call to the charges stating I took my wife's cell phone and prevented her from calling the police. The police never took a phone from me. I wrote several motions to ask for a probable cause hearing. Never got one. I was held for 120 days with no hearing. Finally, my wife was subpoenaed to testify against me at a probation violation hearing. Keep in mind that the Georgia law States that a spouse's testimony is "inadmissible in any criminal proceedings" She testified under fear and changed her story again. By this time, she had filed for divorce and was seeing her coworker who she is married to now for her 6th marriage.  She told the judge in the hearing that I assaulted her by choking her and that I drove down the highway with the whole family threatening to kill everyone including myself. The judge chose not to believe that part, but he verbally stated that he believed I choked her. Keep in mind that none of this was on the warrant for my arrest which was all basked on my wife's story to police. I was offered a plea deal that day for three years in prison. I turned it down. Days later, I was written two love letters by my wife giving me her new address and telling me she had been promoted on her job as if she did not just testify about me trying to kill her. I submitted several motions to the court with her love letters attached. They were all erased from the court record and I was sent to prison for violation of probation and the judge sentenced me that day to the balance of my probation for not taking the plea deal. I filed motions from prison and filed a habeas corpus. I was still denied the police report in my case which none of my lawyers could get either. The case was indicted twice in less than 90 days apart giving the indication that the indictments did not go through proper procedure. It was whatever the a.d.a. wanted to charge me with. I was finally told if I didn't take the plea deal of 10 years with 4 to serve in confinement, I would get 32 years in prison. After having the courts ignore all evidence, cancel court dates, ignore appeals, and public defenders curse me out, I felt like I had no choice but to take the plea. My argument here is that their abatement of due process is a form of coercion which are grounds for a reversal of judgment and a writ of restitution.  Since my release from prison, my divorce judge originally gave me normal visitation rights having full knowledge of every charge on record. I made numerous attempts to see my children in accordance with the final divorce decree. My ex-wife kept texting me to meet her in places then changing her mind at the last minute. I contacted the sheriff's department in Marietta and came with a police escort. She still refused to open the door. I was given a police number and was told by the officer that all I had to do was show the judge the number and she would be held in contempt. My ex-wife obtained a lawyer from legal aid and he convinced the senior judge to suspend my visitation rights using my plea date to give the judge the impression that a new event took place since the divorce. I was still incarcerated when I took the plea, but the petition reads like my ex-wife was assaulted on that day. This gave the appearance that the final divorce decree needed to be changed. This is deception and fraud. The senior judge went with it, ignored the fact that I came with a police escort to see my kids, and ordered that I would have to come to an agreement for supervised visitation. I went through an organization called Georgia Preferred Services which my ex wife chose. They denied me supervised visitation because I had on a word document that I was going to pray with my kids. Although I PRAYED with the executive director and her officer, she testified in court that my prayer was long and made her uncomfortable deeming me not a good fit to see my kids. The judge changed my child support to 1100/month after the hearing which was well above what iI brought home to further make it financially impossible to see my kids. I have not held my children since 12-9-2012. Ronald David Boykin Jr and Faith Destiny Boykin were 5 and 2.  When I last spoke to my son he said, "Daddy how come you haven't come to see me?" I said daddy lives kinda far and I don't have a car. His next words were, "Well daddy, can you walk?" If I didn't hear those words, I wouldn't bother anyone with this petition. I hold a master's degree from Princeton Theological Seminary, I graduated 4th in my class at Lincoln University, I was recently under consideration for the senior pastor position at former president Jimmy Carter's church. I have been railroaded by a biased court system that has ignored all evidence to vindictively prosecute me with a willful disregard for law. Now my children have suffered as an end result. Please sign this petition so that these unlawful practices can be brought to light. I cannot get a job that will pay me enough to pay 1100/month for child support, probation fees, and enough left to live. It is not that I am not qualified, but the false accusations have barred me from all forms of employment.

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