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Dakota's Law... End minors lying about their age and potentially ruining an adults life.

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I want to present Dakota's law for the following reasons. 

Dakota was talking to a couple of girls on Facebook along with a couple friends he was hanging out with. Dakota has always been cautious on the ages of any girls he speaks with due to him turning 18 as of Feb 11th 2016. The 2 girls he and the other 2 boys were speaking to told the boys they were 16 and 17 years old. Dakota continues talking to the 17 years old or so she said and also told him she was pregnant. One of the other boys was talking to the 16 because he was 17. Well they got the girls under the impression that the girls were the ages they were told 16 and 17 they partied for a bit and things happened. Dakota brought the girls back home and the girls came back to the place they were first at with the boys. Later Dakota calls home and says he is being arrested. The girls lied about their ages in fact the girls were not 16 and 17 years old but they were 13 and 14 years old the 14 year old that Dakota was under the impression that was 17 years old is in fact preganant and she's 5 months pregnant. Dakota is now being charged with inticing a minor and aggravated child molestation. There are black and white texts with The girls lying about how old they really were. This has to change for the sake of all future adults. 

The reasons for Dakota's law would hold any minor accountable for their actions on lying about their true age. Kinda the same affect when people purchase a fake ID just to get into bars or purchase alcohol or cigarettes. Children lying about their ages to do adult action with an adult has to stop. Dakota's life and future is at risk now all because a pregnant 14 year old lied about her age and told him she was 17. I know minors wouldn't be able to be charged as adults but this would aliviate any other future false and or wrongfully convictions to 18 year olds that have been lied to by another person about their age. We as citizens and just being human have a natural instinct to trust and believe people until given a reason not to. We as adults shouldn't have to walk around in fear or have to ask for ID from people just to protect our own futures from people who can't be truthful and honest with other people. 

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Lisa Abbott

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