Give Ruel a Break

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Hi, so I have decided to make this petition because as we all know in the past year Ruel has been on three world tours - Ready, Painkiller and Free Time. Yes, I am very proud of him for doing these tours and sharing his music with the world BUT he's had no breaks, no real-time at home, no time to refresh and breath. Ruel is a 16-year-old boy who isn't living a normal teenage life - by this I mean hanging out with friends, sleeping late, going to school etc. So, the point of this is to get as many people to sign it so that we can try to get Ruel to have a proper break and refresh so that he can come back with a bang and so he won't become a selfish asshole (and I mean that in the nicest way possible). 

To clarify I am not forcing a break on Ruel I am just recommending it and sharing the opinions mine and many others and how we feel about Ruel having a break and we just want to let him know that it's ok to have a break and none of us will care if he does or doesn't as we want what's best for him and what makes him happiest.



(Image credit to Michelle Grace Hunder)