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I want to achieve the truth we all deserve about the "miracle" drug tamoxifen!!

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As we all know hormonal cancer is a terrible illness that most families has had one person who has gone through it so we can all work together to find the truth.When the consultants tell you, you have hormonal-positive breast cancers they prescribe the "well-known and miracle" drug Tamoxifen.They act as chemical messengers and help control the activity of cells and organs. Hormonal therapies interfere with the way hormones are made or how they work in the body. As good as it sounds, is it as goods as they say, or is it even worse for these strong warriors who are facing it. Tamoxifen has lots of side-effects like: Hot flushes and sweats,Vaginal effects,Change in periods,Feeling sick and indigestion,Eye problems,Headaches,Feeling dizzy,Leg cramps,Tiredness and lack of energy. Sounds bad right !!!!!!! Theres more :Skin rashes,Hair thinning,Weight gain,Loss of sex drive,Changes in mood and concentration. And the list goes on... What I plan to do is to find out why the truth won't come out about tamoxifen, or a different drug that can help prevent cancers for longer and help people live a happy life without horrible side-effects. With the help of doctors and professors we can do this together standing as one. HELP FIND THE TRUTH!!!!!

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