Harsher Punishments for people who kill their children!

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EVERY YEAR on average 500 children die due to their parents negligence yearly. That's 500 innocent, young, vulnerable lives wasted. April is child abuse awareness month and so far Harrisburg's ribbons that are on display to symbolize every child's life that's been taking has surpassed the "average " number. If your a regular user of social media or follow CNN, YDR, WGAl or Fox News you might have noticed this topic is trending and out of hand all over the world!!!! I am a new mom and a healthcare provider and every time I read about someone killing their child i cant help but hold my daughter and cry, cry due to the love I have for her and cry for the innocence of these lives being taken on a regular basis. My goal for this petition is to put a stop to child abuse as a whole but to have HARSHER Consequences and MENTAL EVALUATIONS at pregnancy confirmation appointments for these people that self evidently too mentally ill to carry, deliver and care for a child. I personally feel as though these types of people should not sit in jail and rot away to nothing and still have the ability to wake up and see the sun shining, or have the privilege to eat a meal or have other human interaction when you took your child's life. Euthanasia seems to civil in my book especially after the horrific things i've read about what parents have done to their newborns and toddlers but point being they should not be in jail soaking up tax payer money when there is no use for these kinds of people or any need for them per say. Take it as you will but please have a hand and the capability of saying we stopped this horrible reoccurring issue together! push for psych evaluations at confirmation pregnancy appointments or mandatory welfare check ups on children required by law enforcement. I will take any change I can get at this point. Just please make it STOP 

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