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Natalie Holt
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We want to create GARETH'S LAW to help to prevent another tragedy.

I Natalie Holt am the Sister of Gareth Morgan.  Kylie Spiers was at the scene when my Brother died.

This is Gareth's story.

Gareth was cycling home on January 16th 2017 at 8am.

He was wearing a helmet, had bright lights on the front and rear of his bicycle and on the back of his rucksack, he also was wearing clothes with reflective strips on.  He was doing everything right as a cyclist to stay safe.

A tractor driver failed to see Gareth before it was too late.  He hit Gareth from behind, killing him instantly.

Gareth's helmet was destroyed on impact, resulting in a fatal head injury.

If Gareth stood no chance with a helmet on, what chance do others stand when not wearing a helmet?

Our aim with this petition, is to bring in GARETH'S LAW to make it a legality to wear a helmet whilst cycling anywhere on any surface and to have working lights on the front and back of a bicycle, which must be on from dusk til dawn and in poor weather conditions and less than good visibility.

Seat belts must be worn, to save lives, as the law states.

It needs to be the same for cyclists wearing a helmet and appropriate lighting

If we can prevent just one family going through the trauma that we have, this will be 100% worth while.

We see too many cyclist on the path and road not wearing a helmet and not having working lights on their bicycle.

This hasn't just affected myself and my family, it has also affected the people at the scene and the driver and his family.

The tractor driver was banned from driving for two years, given 200 hours of unpaid work and a 12 month suspended sentence.

We need to prevent as many casualties and deaths as possible so people do not have to suffer from such trauma.

Please could we have one more minute of your time to sign and share this petition and to help all cyclists stay safe and return home to their loved ones.

Thank you.