Allow Chickens in Peotone, IL

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I am a Peotone resident and a mother of 3.  I try my best to feed my children organic, local foods and I think it is something a lot of people try to do.  With costs and availability, that's not always an option .  Globalized, industrial agricultural is not only impacting our environment negatively, but some studies have shown factory eggs have less nutritional value.  Chickens make great pets for children to care for, and are considered a low maintenance animal.  Chicken manure contains a good deal of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium – the primary ingredients in lawn and garden fertilizers, so waste can be recycled back into the ground in vegetable and flower gardens. There are so many other benefits to having chickens on your property. This is why I believe we should be able to keep chickens in town.  I believe with laid out guidelines and restrictions as to amount and types of chickens allowed, Peotone could be one of the many towns around our area that has success in keeping chickens within the village.  Urban Homesteading is becoming an important issue to many families and is extremely popular.  Not only would it help the individual who raises the chickens to provide fresh eggs for their family and neighbors, but I think it would also make our town attractive for young home buyers.  I would like to get the ordinance - 91.09 Keeping Livestock - changed to allow egg laying chickens within the village.