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Hi, this is the story of my friend Karl Engelmark, please your help is needed urgently.

"I am a Swedish citizen being imprisoned under the mental care act in the UK and nobody has read me my rights! Nobody has informed me of how to appeal either!

I haven't committed any crimes! I am being framed because I am an informant who has reported organised crime!

I am being kept without any means to communicate with the outside world and not allowed to buy stamps or phone credit (despite having my own cash in UK currency).

The Chester and north west police have threatened me.

I am presently at the Clatterbridge hospital Bennington Lakefield ward.

I am being persecuted by the Mafia. I need protection.

If I get released they will kill me. If I get sent back to Sweden they will kill me as well.

Please read on to know the full story.

Thank you!

This is an emergency! Please forward this information to the highest chain of command in the Swedish police force, as well as to Interpol, FBI, journalists, wikileaks, amnesty international, whistle blowers as well as to anyone who may help!

Karl Jamil Engelmark is a Swedish informant imprisoned in the UK and the Mafia want him sent back to Sweden and killed.

The Engelmark family in Stockholm have been taken hostage by the hells angels and corrupt Swedish police. Among them an officer using the identity of "Ingrid Michel" from "interna utredningar" (Swedish internal affairs in Stockholm) whom is actually being impersonated by the same woman who also identified herself as katrin sjostrand during the murder investigation of which she was in charge (the murder of the 19 year old kid named Ismael Aden whom was killed by a Somalian fraction of the bandidos hells angels in Bromsten, Stockholm near Rinkeby).

Jamil Engelmark Cassimjee was a witness to that homicide, as was first denied by Jamils family according to a statement noted by Chester police when they were first contacted via phone. It was later confirmed to be true.

Full name: Karl Olof Jamil Goulam Engelmark Cassimjee. Identity number 19870224-0675.

Officer Ingrid Michel is in fact dead and her identity is being used to "investigate" (cover up) the crimes committed by the hells angels.

Katrin Sjostrand and some other members of the hells angels in Sweden are impersonating police officers, threatening witnesses and covering up the crimes committed by their organisation.

Jamil Engelmark was an informant for Bo Schollin in "special roteln" (special unit- Swedish police). He collected evidence in an extortion scheme run by the Mafia boss Stefan Eriksson and the hells angels via the escort website called "Rosa sidan".

The way it worked was to arrange meetings between sex workers and their clients. The licence plate information of the cars driven by the clients was then collected and used in conjunction with the emails in order to identity and extort people of interest.

After the murder of Ismael Aden Katrin Sjostrand threatened to kill the Engelmarks if Jamil reported the crimes of which he had knowledge to genuine cops.

Katrin Sjostrand also uses the identities of some living people. Amongst them is a psychiatric nurse named Annette Gagula.

The Swedish hells angels employ many doctors.

They some times label witnesses and informants insane in order to silence them or have them killed.

Jamil Engelmark reported the crimes and the threats made against his family to the the Stockholm police force. After which the hells angels had him labeled insane in order to discredit his testimony and assassinate his character.

They are now framing Jamil and holding his family hostage so that they can gain access to him and make it seem as though doctors are acting according to accurate information. The Mafia boss Stefan Eriksson is married to Jamils ex girlfriend. The Mafia boss uses the false identity of Lennart Ostberg while in Sweden whom identifies himself as a cop.

Jamil traveled to England in hopes of being able to consult proper authorities, since the Swedish police are not helping him due to the huge scandal all this information entails.

They are now framing him in the UK (claiming that he assaulted a man named Richard whom he has never even met I.e. Tim Jenkins (who lives in Oswestry) father Richard.

They have stolen all of his possessions; luggage, credit card and his mobile phone which is tied to his Facebook account.

He has been committed to a psychiatric institution under "section 2- mental care act" at Clatterbridge hospital in beddington lakefieldward England.

They have murdered his friend Kim Elman because Jamil gave him information which he could pass on to genuine police. They have also threatened to frame him for the murder.

The police officer Ingrid Michel is dead.

The following people are corrupt:

Mats ahlund sarskilda aklagarmyndigheten ,Asa ellving krim kommisarie, Robert engstedt kut, kamilla bjurling. This is legitimate information. They want to frame Jamil and kill him. They are impersonating his mother at times and also coercing her to lie. Help immediately! Contact Interpol and all other authorities.

Reach Jamil presently on +447917576710 but preferably by other means since the police is redirecting his calls so that he cannot call proper authorities.

They want him returned to Sweden under section 2 mental care act and killed.

They claim that tomas  xhogas whom is a convicted child trafficker was innocent of raping and trafficking his wife's daughter and that Silvana Arixhiu and Jamil Engelmark framed him".

I support the Natalia Project and I want Karl Engelmark to receive an alarm bracelet because he is a human rights defender at risk who wants to support my community.

He is also Swedish diamond dealer and political activist (socialist) who reports human rights violations involving corruption in the countries that are participants in the Kimberley process, but not exclusively (also in other countries).


Please send legal council and help immediately!!!

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