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As many may already know, Nastassia Ponomarenko was recently confronted by several administrators at Archbishop Mitty High School in regard to posts on her fitness related Instagram page and Youtube channel. She was told that many of the posts on her fitness-related Instagram page were inappropriate and a violation of Mitty regulations, and supposed grounds for dis-enrollment. She was told that if she fails to take down her posts, she will be required to disenroll from Archbishop Mitty in her last month of high school. These posts included pictures of her in undergarments (no different from the millions of bikini pictures seen throughout Instagram) displaying the progress she has made in her fitness journey. Nastassia is currently a graduating senior at Mitty, and has been working for over 3 years now in the fitness industry and as a social media influencer. All of her online content- whether it be videos or pictures- has been put out with the intent to inspire others in their fitness aspirations, as well as to motivate herself. Everyone who knows Nastassia, or follows her on one of her various social media platforms, is completely aware of the innocent intentions behind her posts. By giving Nastassia such harsh consequences, the Mitty administration is oversexualizing her content and holding her to a higher standard simply due to her large social media following. Nastassia has inspired and influenced thousands of people to take the first step in changing their lives for the better. I can personally say that her Instagram posts and Youtube videos have helped me discover what it means to live a healthy and happy lifestyle, taught me the steps I need to take in order to achieve my fitness related goals, and given me the motivation to achieve said goals. She has been working incredibly hard since her freshman year and has been able to excel in her school work while concurrently supporting her family with a consistent income (made through her social media platforms). At only 18 years of age, Nastassia is already making large strides in the fitness community as she has recently come out with her own line of resistance bands, glute guides, and upper body guides, and plans to release her own line of fitness merchandise in a couple of months. Her social media posts are meant to promote her brand and are a large part of her job and passion for fitness. Please sign this petition if you think that it is unfair for the administration to enforce such a harsh punishment on her, if you have ever been unfairly targeted by Mitty regulations (i.e. dress code), or if Nastassia has positively impacted your lifestyle in any way, shape or form. Thank you so much for the support and please share this with your friends and family!

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