Support UNC To Operate The New Community Center Facility At A. Holly Patterson Property

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Over 35 years ago, we founded the Uniondale Neighborhood Center to build a community center for underprivileged youth. We then acquired two adjacent properties on a combined 1 ½ acre and welcomed our first partner agency to provide an after-school and summer day camp for youth. 

Over these many years, we have worked with other partner agencies to provide anti-gang, anti-violence, anti-drug, anti-loitering, and teen pregnancy prevention programs for our youth population. Wide ranges of community organizations use our facilities for meetings and events. Others have hosted several seminars and classes in health and wellness, self-improvement, and eco-art workshops.

Our ongoing efforts include the prospective culmination of years of work to deliver on an approximately 4,000 square feet additional indoor space on 5 acres of pristine land with recreational fields and ample parking space, which will significantly improve our community services.

In 2008 Nassau Health Care Corporation made a commitment to UNC stating that they would:
- Set aside 2 million dollars for the construction of a new community center. 
- Require that the adjacent property be set aside as a ball field to be accessed by the community.
- Assist UNC in Developing strategies to ensure the Community Center's Long-term sustainability 

Today NHCC and EB (Engel Burman LLC), the developer, and NHCC are in the process of building the community center. Uniondale Neighborhood Center (UNC) has yet to be brought into the process and NHCC has not complied with FOIL requests from UNC. With this petition, we want to urge NHCC to respond to the FOIL and take the necessary steps along with their partners developing the AHP properties to explain how they will make good on their promises transparently and