Let's stop falling short when caring for our children going through a mental health crisis

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Our children are increasingly in need of professional help when caught in the midst of a mental health crisis.  A child in crisis is our society's most vulnerable.  As an elementary principal, I see that even our youngest can be in need of support that goes beyond our building assets.  When this happens, and a child is in need of immediate attention, we do not have a choice as to where they are taken.

Our children are taken to Nassau University Medical Center.  When given the luxury of time and a high level of parent cooperation, most Nassau County educational professionals will steer families away from NUMC.  Why?  Because testimony from children, parents, and the professionals that accompany them tell the same story over and over again.  The intake environment and procedures are often just as traumatic and unpredictable as the crisis itself.

Children are brought through the same doors and sit in the same waiting room as adults.  Children have been required to sit in the same area as handcuffed individuals, those going through issues with drug abuse, and a host of other unpredictable scenarios that goes along with adults enduring their own mental health crisis.  In each of the multiple times our school has decided that the issue was so severe that the child should be taken to NUMC by ambulance, they have sat in that waiting room only to be cleared and sent home with no follow up.

My only goal in beginning this petition is for Nassau County to offer a transparent assessment of their intake environment and procedures so as to initiate changes that protect our children in need.  Ultimately, I believe there should be one viable solution: identify, secure, or create an insulated entrance and waiting environment that separates children from adults from arrival to release--and design a process that increases communication between the school and the hospital when children are released back into our daily care.  Or perhaps School Districts should be given the option as to which mental health facility they wish for their children to be cared for at, regardless of additional transportation costs.

These objectives are not financially loaded and they are achievable.  Even if you or your children would not be subject to care at NUMC, please consider signing as a gesture that we must advocate for our young in an age where so many more need help from facilities that should be held to the highest of standards.  


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