Tell Nassau County it's wrong to charge Non-Profits to use their parks

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Seaford Little League is a non-profit organization which has been in existence since 1952 and a charter member of Little League International. It is a staple of our community serving the towns of Seaford and Wantagh, allowing over 600 boys and girls the opportunity to play baseball and softball with their closest friends.

Seaford Little League, like many other non-profit sports leagues in Nassau County, operates solely through nominal fees collected through it's annual registrations, paid by the families of its registrants, all of which are tax-paying Nassau County residents, as well as generous donations by local businesses, most of which are also owned and operated by these same members of our community.

Seaford Little League uses all of the revenue collected each year to improve the playing experience for the players, parents and families, by way of purchasing uniforms, equipment and making field improvements such as new scoreboards and batting cages.

One of the fields on which our boys and girls play their games is Washington Avenue Park, which is operated by Nassau County. For as long as we can remember, Nassau County has waived its permit fees which provide Seaford Little League teams the opportunity to practice and play many of its games on the fields at this park.

As Seaford Little League does every year, it requested permits in December to use Washington Avenue Park during the Spring season, and was given no indication that these permits wouldn't be provided, as they typically are.

Unfortunately Seaford Little League was told in early March, by the Nassau County Parks Department, that in order to use the fields at Washington Avenue Park, it would need to pay Nassau County to use these fields during the season. The estimate for the entire season is more than $16,000!!

Seaford Little League does NOT profit from ANY money it takes in through registrations, sponsorships or fundraising activities. It puts back into the league all money it takes in, either immediately this year, or the following season(s).

All of the League’s revenue is spent on operating the League. Purchasing baseballs and softballs, player and coach uniforms and game equipment. Trophies. Umpire fees. CPR and AED training for ALL its coaches. Little League Administration and insurance fees. Expenses to run its events such as Opening Day, Championship Day, it’s player draft, etc. And improvements such as a brand new scoreboard, portable pitching mounds, pitching machines, batting cages and L-screens, just to name a few.

Obviously, with the player registration process concluding in February, most sponsor donations already received, and fundraising activities already planned, Seaford Little League has limited opportunities to raise additional funds to cover this cost of using the Nassau County fields.

Seaford Little League feels it is inappropriate, and frankly unethical, to ask the non-profit Little League organization in our community, the organization which is funded by you, the tax-paying community, whose taxes already allow you to use the parks such as Washington Avenue Park, to pay an additional fee to use its fields.

This is not a matter of whether Seaford Little League can afford these fees or not. The league is capable of paying these fees either through prioritizing its expenses or raising new money. The issue here is that, as with all of the league’s expenses, it would ultimately be funded by the families in our community, and we simply can’t accept that. This isn’t a justifiable expense to ask them to pay.

We are asking that you sign this petition AND contact the Nassau County Executive's Office, the office of Laura Curran, at 516-571-3131, and voice your displeasure at their decision to charge YOU, a Nassau County resident, to use their park during the Little League season.

More information on the County Executive can be found here:

Your voice will hopefully convince the Nassau County Executive's Office to CHANGE their stance, and waive any fees they wish to charge Seaford Little League for the upcoming 2018 season and indefinitely.