Tell Naskel to unban Merilaux from CastiaMC

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On January 31st, 2018, Naskel, the owner of popular Minecraft server CastiaMC banned Merilaux permanently for “Ignoring staff”.

She was breaking no rules in the first place, and yet she was banned for expressing herself. She was unfairly punished with a perm ban, and the staff turned it down with no explanation. The Moderators supposedly took a balanced vote on whether or not to unban her, but Naskel persuaded all staff to refuse her appeal, and hid this from her!

Most of the people who are perm banned had actually DONE something worthy of a perm ban. For example, they may have shouted several racist slurs. That would be worthy of a perm ban, but simply expressing a thought and trying to censor it? Isn’t freedom of speech a protected human right?



Merilaux didn’t deserve a perm ban. She was just trying to fight for a friend who was falsely banned, and the Moderators criticised her and claimed that she was “harassing” them! 

If anything Merilaux was the one being harassed here; she was simply asking questions, the admins kept harassing her and she was banned because of it, and that’s why we demand justice for Merilaux, the magnificent one!


We, the people of Castia, care for one another, and we will not turn a blind eye to injustice! We will fight until this injustice is corrected, once and for all!


”Only truth, peace and compassion can fix the broken, polluted earth we walk upon.” - Merilaux