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Please Honor the Animal Cruelty Code of Laws

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Hoarding 80 - 100 Domestic Rabbits in Filth and Sickness, then Dumping them into the Wild to suffer and die is Not Acceptable!

The Court found the Nguyen Family Guilty of Animal Cruelty and fined them $25.00.

“It just happens. We can’t really control what they do,” Nguyen said. “We just wanted to raise the rabbits and give them life. It’s just like buying a bunch of birds and letting them go and give them life”....

"The hutch was overrun with rabbits, they were coming out of sewage drains; under cars, in yards as far as a block away.
A Local Rescue was able to catch four of the rabbits. One of them died from a gangrene infection shortly thereafter. The remaining three were taken to a veterinarian, who made an alarming discovery. All three of the rabbits were infected with coccidia, a parasite that can be transferred between animals. If a dog or cat ingested the rabbits’ feces, it could contract the infection, according to Grassmere Animal Hospital. The rabbits were later found to have Hepatic coccidiosis the liver form of coccidiosis and they did not make it".


According to 8.12.080 - Companion animal hoarding: the owners were guilty of not One but Several Violations including Hoarding.
"Adequate Care" shall include but not be limited to medical treatment for illness, injury, disease, excessive parasitism, or any malformations.
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2. 8.12.030 – Cruelty to animals prohibited:
B. .No person shall fail unreasonably or cause another person to fail unreasonably to provide adequate food, water, care or shelter to any animal in the person’s custody or to abandon any animal in the person’s custody.

3. 8.12.090 – Animal offender school:
A. There shall be established, under the supervision of the animal control division of the department of health, an animal offender school for the purpose of providing education about proper animal care and cruelty prevention to persons found by a court of competent jurisdiction to be in violation of any provision of this title.

Backyard Rabbit Breeders are being cited for Animal Cruelty & Neglect, including 375 rabbits being confiscated from the Vice President of the Indiana State Rabbit Breeders Association who is no longer permitted to breed rabbits.

Dumping of domestic rabbits is a serious animal cruelty issue resulting in feral domestic rabbits populating, suffering and dying excruciating deaths. Domestic rabbits do not have wild instincts and cannot survive when dumped in the wild having an average life expectancy of three days before it is typically brutally killed by a predator or even a human. They do not have the capability to fend for themselves and need proper care and food and shelter, if you cannot provide this they should be surrendered to a shelter; otherwise you will cause them great suffering.

It is our Opinion that this family blatantly allowed rabbits to reproduce, live in filth and go without proper Vet Care and publically admitted on more than one news video/interview to releasing the rabbits into the wild -
where they cannot survive and will suffer and die horribly, and they released them with illness that could be contracted by any animal eating its feces. 80 – 100 rabbits! This irresponsible behavior is deliberate Cruelty to Animals and was taken lightly by the Owners, Animal Control and the Court.

We are requesting that the Companion animal hoarding Code of Laws be honored and sections 1 through 6 be applied while not permitting ownership of future rabbits and that the remaining animals in their care be monitored and Sterilized if not cared for properly.

We are asking that the Cruelty to Animals statute 8.12.030 be honored regarding the abandoned rabbits dumped in the Woods and that Animal Offender School be honored for the Guilty Violation of Animal Cruelty.

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