Nashoba Parents Demanding Action

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Elizabeth Davis-Edwards
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Nashoba Parents Demanding Action, a group of concerned parents of students at Nashoba Regional High School, has come together in pursuit of transparency and accountability regarding the  gross mismanagement surrounding the recently reported incident of abuse, harassment and exploitation of a student at Nashoba Regional High School. Based on the information available to date, the reporting of this incident was not handled in accordance with state-mandated reporter and Federal Title IX laws. Specifically, federal law requires reporting of such an incident to both the police and the Department of Children and Families (DCF) as well as suspension pending investigation. Instead, the accused teacher in this case was allowed to return to school in September — an administrative decision that, in this context, is both outrageous and illegal. 

Nashoba Parents Demanding Action group is demanding that an independent external investigation be launched with a firm that has no association with the Nashoba Regional School District. Murphy, Hesse, Toomey and Lahane, the law firm retained on behalf of the district for many years that has represented the administration in previous litigious matters, is neither impartial nor acceptable. Furthermore, in the interest of fairness and impartiality, the group further demands that Superintendent Clenchy have no involvement in this process, and as such, that she be placed on immediate administrative leave while the investigation is underway.

We appreciate the action from the School Committee in putting Principal Di Domenico on administrative leave. However, given the fact that our kids were knowingly put at risk of abuse, harassment and exploitation for at least three months starting last June, our trust in this entire administration has been breached, so this alone is insufficient. The Nashoba Regional School District is small - and Superintendent Clenchy is accountable for its administration. Further, every system has an auditing process that recuses the parties involved. 

Nashoba Parents Demanding Action is calling on the Nashoba Regional District School Committee for its leadership at this crucial time, fueled by a singular focus on transparency, accountability and the healing of our school community. In addition, the group invites concerned parents and interested parties to SIGN THIS PETITION calling for the external investigation of the administration and the immediate administrative leave of Superintendent Clenchy. 

If you are an NRSD parent, alumni or taxpayer, please JOIN US and SIGN THIS PETITION TODAY!