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In a world where honesty and integrity is everything, Jimmie Johnson and Chad Kanaus have none. How many times are we going to let these two win races only to find them cheating before or afterwards? Chad has been caught several times ranging from windows in the wrong place to fenders out of shape to give an aerodynamic advantage. Then there is this video of him trying to cover his tracks.

Kanaus on video cheating

Chad Knaus wiki - see cheating

At what point will there be sufficient enough evidence for NASCAR to actually do something about this?

While there seems to be little to no direct proof that Jimmie Johnson's legacy can be tied to Kanaus's cheating, there doesn't seem to be any objection from the driver which leads to his integrity in question.

How many races will be see good honest drivers be cheated out of the chance for success with honest racing?

With all that said is why I am starting this petition. Not only do I want to remove them from NASCAR, but by signing this petition, I want people to also tell NASCAR they want to see good honest racing!

Letter to
Mike Helton, President of the National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) NASCAR
Mike Helton,
At what point does it take a leader to recognize the integrity of their sport, which generations of fans hold close in their hearts, is in question. Repeatedly, you have found evidence of cheating from Chad Kanaus and have levied fines, suspensions, and even had point reductions for his violations. Is the point of NASCAR simply to make money? To watch 500 miles of moving billboards? Chad Kanaus has repeatedly spit in the face of fairness and has been caught on several occasions. Jimmie Johnson's legacy will be of zero integrity for allowing Kanaus to be apart of his racing carrier which only furthers the questioning Johnson's true racing ability. What is the difference between ignorance and cheating? Who is turning the blind eye? NASCAR or Jimmie Johnson or both? How long will the NASCAR nation be cheated out of good honest racing? I urge you to listen to the fans of the NASCAR nation and remove BOTH Jimmie Johnson and Chad Kanaus to protect the integrity of NASCAR and to prove to the NASCAR nation you care for and listen to protecting a tradition we all love.

Honesty and integrity without those, why would we watch the race?