Save the 20 mice-astronauts on ISS!

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Since June 2018, twenty "moustronauts" (mice astronauts) are on board of the ISS.

Preparing human (and other animals') journey to Mars, some effects of long-term being in space must be explored, and they are currently testing it on mice.

Some of the scheduled experiments seem to be
cascade circles changes in space, zero g behaviour, sleep in zero g, analyzing mice' excrements etc.....

Modern technology allowed mice to be brought on board safe and sound.

It is also possible for them to survive and peacefully live on when they come back to Earth when the experiments are finished.

But instead of honouring the brave little moustronauts with living in peace for the rest of their lives, gratefull for their contribution to science, NASA is going to 


the moustronauts to examine their bones and inner organs!

Which is totally unneccessary and not completely transfereable to human anatomy any way!

It would be enough to X-Ray the mice, to take some of their blood, without killing, to be able to see which changes happened in space.

Make NASA have mercy on the moustronauts and withdraw the plan to kill them!

A relentless, aggressive, invasive life form (humans) which does not respect ANY other life form, does not deserve to fly to Mars and further on!