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Return of Epidemic 2: Humans vs Carbon Dioxide

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“And no challenge poses a greater threat to future generations than climate change"  Barack Obama

As usual, I came back from school and sighed relief from the heat in the city. As soon as I switched on the television, I most expectedly heard a news reporter tensely reporting about the Arctic Continent to become ice-free. From then on we all witnessed some of the most self-explanatory shreds of evidence inclining towards the imperfect world.
NASA scientists recently confirmed that August was the hottest month in recorded history. These things are really surprising when all the nations in this era are trying to advance the technology for the better future of the generations but their actions are resulting in the adverse conditions for the human survival. NASA also states that almost all the scientists believe that the Human-environment intervention holds 96% account for the climate change. This fact, arises a question that Humans have always been interacting with the environment then why this time is it acting worse?

Well, I must say a critical question but the NASA scientists confidently put everyone on a mourn for few seconds when they answered that the reason is just the difference between a night and a day, a car and a bicycle and a good and a bad. These three things were more simplified for the intelligent people who think slowly that the bad result of Human intervention is on the surface because of Firstly , the difference between the eras of the generations which occurs naturally and revealed that Since 1750, the average amount of energy coming from the sun either remained constant or increased slightly, Secondly, The baby boom happening in the 21st century and Thirdly, the bad and good intervention of the human beings like burning of fossil fuels and producing the hurricanes of greenhouse gases.

Looking at all these reasonable causes for climate change which are surely out of brainy minds, The future now is held by the present.A study published by the Wall street journal and then talked by many news channels has shown everyone the real and present power of greenhouse gasses which is enough to make another marvel movie with the title “Return of Epidemic 2: Humans vs Carbon dioxide”. The study says that Powerful greenhouses gasses can bring stronger hurricanes, more drought, less shivering temperatures in the world. The article further on questioned the fact if human existence is really possible on the blue planet turning red for the future generations? This statement is been the most controversial of 2016 bringing the Bigoms on the streets, presidents on their sleep pills, UN chiefs on the stage, Environmentalists on the laptops and children on the questioning podium. 

With this note of disappointment, the world has been put up on a hold but still being an optimistic thinker I would like to end it by saying that we the beautiful mammals of the world still have a chance to save the mother earth by pressing the button 'Sign in' the petition kept in front of us and ignoring all the negative critics around us who are just busy in talking about the nukes and gaining power of the planet. So, this button will help you as an individual to eliminate your imperfect practices and help the blue planet to remain blue forever and ever.




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