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Put more funding into FTL 'Faster Than Light' Research

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If any of you have been into sci-fi, then you know what FTL travel is. This has been embedded into so many sci-fi novels, movies and TV series that it surprises me why people aren't thinking about trying to put research into it. Whether it's the warp drive from 'Star Trek' or the hyperdrive in 'Star Wars', it has always been humanity's motive to explore and evolve into space and beyond.

Now you might think this is all science fiction and can't possibly be achieved, but there is scientific theory behind it, called the Alcubierre drive named after physicist Miguel Alcubierre. My petition is to inspire space agencies like NASA, and ESA, as well as some other private space companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin to put research into this new form of travel that will power humanity to the stars. If you sign this petition, you will be aiding humanity's advancements into space and hopefully find new civilizations to talk with.


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