Put A MoonPie On The Moon!

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For more than a century, MoonPie has been dedicated to two things:

  1. making delicious MoonPies for everyone to enjoy even you, and
  2. loving the moon (like, really loving the moon a whole lot)

So now that NASA is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, that's got us feeling a little left out. Cause like we really don’t see how it’s been fifty years since the first moon landing and no one’s thought to take a MoonPie up there but we digress.

'Cause the thing is, NASA's going back to the moon. They've even said it. #Moon2024 they're calling it. But we have an even better idea.


Why not? They're going back anyway.

Just, like, put it in somebody's purse. It can't be that hard.
Please. NASA, if you're listening, PLEASE. We have a ton of reasons why this makes so much sense. We've tried everything, but we can't get there ourselves. Do you have any idea how hard it is to make a rocket? Well... yeah, guess you do.

But anyway, please sign. We need this. We even made a video about how much we need this. And we hope that the people of Earth want this as much as we do.

OK. Over and out or whatever. Goodnight :)

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