Stop countries from planting their flags on Mars. Instead, plant Earth's own flag.

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We don't want countries or companies putting their flags on other planets like Mars because we have to move on and understand this isn't about which country did it, it's about humanity moving forward. We don't want a flag on Mars to dictate who the land or the planet belongs to. Flags were known to be placed on places people conquered. We don't want to conquer Mars. We don't want America to conquer Mars and place their flag on there. This doesn't mean placing a flag on the Moon or Mars means they literally conquered it, but it's a symbol of power, control and superiority. America and all countries are on earth, there is no reason to put a countries flag on another planet, it's meaningless and pointless. In order for humanity to unite and move forward to progress as one we should work together and think together. Going to Mars isn't just an accomplishment for America, it's one for the entire world, and the human race. Instead place the flag of earth, to show that we humans, children of earth have now found another home on Mars.