Next Manned Space Craft should be Named After Dr. Stephen Hawking

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By: In Aliens We Trust - News for those who believe.

Dr. Stephen Hawking, a world-renowned theoretical physicist passed away from March 14, 2018, having lost his heroic battle with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). His contributions to the field of physics such as black holes emitting radiation (aptly named Hawking radiation) and general relativity are awe inspiring and can be compared to Albert Einsteinor even Sir Isaac Newton.
Dr. Hawking wrote even stated that humans should consider leaving Earth within 600 hundred years due to possible exhaustion of natural resources and over population. During his lifetime, he became a cultural icon having appeared on numerous TV shows such as the Big Bang Theory, the Simpsons, and Star Trek.
Therefore given Dr. Stephen Hawking’s contributions to humanity, the next manned space craft or space station should be name after him—USS Stephen Hawking or ISS Stephen Hawking.