Nationwide Effort to Greatly Reduce Light-Pollution by 2020

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Simply put, we have been blinding ourselves to the brilliance of the night sky for a long time now, and the problem is only getting worse. By increasing the light in our cities and roadways, we have become much less aware of the heavenly bodies above. That is hugely detrimental to us as humans, as a civilization, and for most other life on earth. We need to look at our night sky! It must not be taken for granted.

I propose that we call on Individuals, the Government, and Private Industry, to do what We can to solve this subtle but profound problem. Some solutions are: timers / motion-sensors on lights that do not need to always be on; retrofit our street lamps and lighted structures to direct their light away from the sky; use more glowing technology than traditional lighting sources; reduce pollution levels as much as possible; large scale filtration systems to clean our atmosphere and our water system; and reducing general consumption. We need a clearer lens (atmosphere) to discover the wonders of our Solar System, and its dangers.

Earth will soon be in the path of many asteroids. Look it up. It's very important to our our survival that we give ourselves enough time to react. By seeing threats out in advance, we can divert disaster. I'm talking about a big asteroid hitting us again someday! It has happened many times in the past, and it will eventually happen again. We would be foolish to ignore this. So please SIGN ON and commit to talking about this issue with everyone you know, and do something to reduce your own light waste. Let's do this for our Survival, our Soul, and our Science!