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Name the Nebula PK 329-02.2 to SOLIS MAGNA System from LEGO BIONICLE

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For years even after its cancellation the Bionicle community has remained strong and creative, even keeping in contact with the head writer and creating further canonizations of the Bionicle Story.The fanbase is full of encyclopedic fans who strive to bring out their creativity inspired by Lego Bionicle and keep it alive with them throughout their lives. Bionicle has returned, but G1 has been anything but forgotten. 

This is the planetary nebula is called PK 329-02.2, located in the constellation of Norma. Its other names are: Menzel 2, or Mz 2.

This is the solar system of Solis Magna, where the story of G1 Bionicle has taken place for nearly 10 years. The resemblance is striking, as the symbol of Bionicle is called The Three Virtues, and stands for Unity, Duty, and Destiny. This guides the inhabitants of the Bionicle Universe and is meant as a reminder to the great spirit Mata Nui of his quest: to repair the damage from the Shattering.

Renaming this nebula, or one like it, would immortalize one of the biggest symbols of Bionicle for fans both past and future.

Some are against the renaming because it technically already has a name, but the main goal is the get the attention of someone so if we cannot name this particular one, we can claim name on another or future discovery that fits the profile.


Just letting you all know that I did some digging and have some LinkedIn contacts for NASA and they like interacting with the public. But they want numbers. So share this and let's see where we can take it!

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