Name a planet from TRAPPIST-1 planetary system - Moldova!

Hi, everyone on this planet my Name is Petru Relax,
I was so glad to see this petition and can't tell how I fill about it; it's just a dream that can become real and to have such opportunity in this whole world to know that We exist in the universe and to name a planet in the name of a country. This is the most grateful thing that can happen for Moldova. That can have an impact and take us into consideration not only as a nation just people with a solid history and challenges that have been made into account but have had a hard impact to the word. On this little piece of ground was and persist the sun, love, and plenty of wine that can take similarity. To name TRAPPIST-1 to wish these sources are available there and we will be the first people to live there! :) If not Moldovians who else can do this better than us! We can deliver even sun in a bucket if needed)) This has never been a complicated decision. I will fill proud and honour if this will happen!
Now days is hard to tell, but I consider that it will have a high impact and can have tremendous support from all the other countries from the whole world. If this planet is named Moldova, it will be remarkable and forever remembered. Because it self-involves a great history and significant change to the whole world made by just a small country like MOLDOVA.

Petru Hodinitu, London, Moldova
4 years ago
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