Make President Donald Trump the first man on the sun

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Donald J Trump, the genius, the best president the United States could have, is lacking. For such an incredibly raw talented man, presidency has been done before. Every piece of land on this earth has been explored, every ocean swam in, and even the moon has been tainted with the greatness of man - but not Donald Trump, the greatest man. He needs something bigger. We must support him to do something bigger. He must not keep up his humble acts - for a man of greatness, he isn't doing things considered 'great'. My proposal is to make Donald J Trump the first human to go to the sun.

Why the sun?

The sun resembles Trump in many ways; both believe the earth moves around them, both resemble an orange colour, and both can cause long-term illnesses if exposed to for an extended period of time. The NASA mars mission will take humans to another planet than our own, but why stop there? We have conquered planets. We have conquered moons. It is time that we show that the sun isn't going to control us as a species anymore, and that Donald J Trump can pave the way to this utopia.

Will our esteemed President be safe?

The short answer: yes. The long answer may take some explaining.

The first and foremost issue that many people may have is that the sun is far too hot for humans to withstand. For those who say this, let me ask you; has this man not withstanded a presidency despite being an absolute international joke? Has this man not gotten away with crimes that any normal human would be punished for? Has this man managed to spend an entire year in arguably the worlds most powerful political position without making an ounce of change for the better? If you are not a fool, you will know that these answer to 'yes', to which the mere sun will have a hard time even burning Mr. Trump. However, for those who still may have concerns, rest assure that Mr. Trump will be given factor 50 sunscreen and plenty of bottles of water. If he still overheats, Mr.. Trump will be advised to travel to the sun at night, when the sun isn't active.

How will this be done?

This petition will be forwarded to as many officials as possible, with NASA becoming the end goal. We believe that NASA have the technology and funding to begin such an operation to launch Mr. Trump via catapult into our stella abyss and en route through the cosmos, destination: sol. No astronauts will be travelling with him - we believe the president is far capable of learning how to operate in space faster than any trained astronaut, and that having the burden of someone to mentor and teach will just slow Mr. Trump down, not to mention take away his rightfully earned place as the first human on the sun.

This petition, I believe, can really inspire the humble and grounded president of the United States. If he sees an array of people backing it, I have no reason to believe this cannot go through.

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