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Have NASA send the leader of the flat earth society in to the stratosphere.

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I see a alarming amount of flat earth believers growing daily. Not only does this have an impact on the scientific community , it is also having an effect on thousands of family's and friends worldwide. Constant debating whether the earth is flat or round, many of these believers are aliening themselves from loved ones which is clearly an emotional struggle for all involved. I know the earth is Globular , but I would really like to actually see NASA prove it to one of the societies most prominent figureheads ( Eric Dubay or Simon Ramos) would be appropriate candidates as if you use others then the followers would claim its a shill or faked . At least then after the leader actually see's first hand that the earth is globular, he can rely the message to thousands of devout followers world wide. This would also help give NASA credibility especially within conspiracy theorist circles. Off course if NASA actually deny this petition , it will just further fuel these flat earth believers views. Please help NASA for the sake of the worlds sanity in 2017, we really should not have people running around making others believe the earth is flat. Thank you

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