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For NASA to disclose information regarding intelligent extra terrestrial life.

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In the day and age we live in, with the current technological advancements we have made, we have captured mass amounts of videos and pictures of unidentified flying objects. Satellites orbiting the Moon and Mars which constantly send back data connected to url's, constantly capture movement and track marks, unexplainable structures and other anomolies. The i.s.s livestream has captured remarkable videos of u.f.o's (some the shape of triangles and other odd shapes) flying at what seems to be 'hyperspeed'. Many pilots, former astronauts, former defense ministers have all come out and said that intelligent alien life exists and is involved in human affairs. My goal is for Nasa to disclose information regarding the existence of advanced, extraterrestrial species routinely seen around earth, our solar system and our sun. Why does this information need to be withheld from the public? Is their existance a threat to humanity? As more and more people become aware, Nasa should provide information regarding the subject because they are partly taxpayer funded and so that paranoia and skepticism does not spread. I respect the work nasa has done regarding are planets climate change crisis and their rover/satellite programs, but I feel their is a taboo on speaking about the goal I and so many others want to see be achieved in our lifetimes. Please help me change that by signing this petition! Cheers.

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