Astrology is real!

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Are you really going to leave everything down to science again? Science cannot explain everything, which means science does not have to explain astrology. Nobody knows what happens when we die, or why we’re really here. Nobody can prove whether astrology is real or not. But I’m asking you to please consider it. People need to stop being so close-minded and open up to the possibilities and theories. If scientists believe we are made of stars then why not believe astrology?

Never trust a horoscope, no, but when you look into your zodiac character profile you will be able to understand yourself as an individual. When you dive even deeper to learning about your moon sign, ascendant sign, etc, with a birth chart, what you will learn about yourself is endless. 

When people are so sceptical about thinking their zodiac sign is ‘inaccurate’, it’s because they don’t know that other zodiac signs could have a bigger influence on them and can dominate their birth chart. 

All I’m asking is to please look at your birth chart and tell me it’s not accurate, then I give you permission to ignore this petition.

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