Another failure of Education system

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Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics

Maitri Bhatt, my colleague Meghna Bhatt's sister is currently a First Year B.Com student in this college. Few months back, their mother fell sick. Unfortunately a life threatening disease had gripped her life. To say the least, this was a very emotionally, mentally and physically draining period of their lives. Both sisters, as a matter of fact, had to visit doctors day in and day out and did everything in their capacity to take care of their mother during her difficult time. Along with fulfilling this reponsibility, Meghna managed her office and Maitri managed her studies and attendance at the college. Maitri, being a hard-working and meritorious student cleared all the mid term examinations with good grades without any backlogs.

Unfortunately, their mother passed away last month.

Now this so called reputed college has a strict 50% attendance cutoff for allowing their students to appear for exams. Barely had Maitri emerged out of her grief her college started pestering her for having a low attendance, despite knowing all the reasons (given in writing). And today, she is being denied the right to appear for final exams just because she had to be with her mother in her last days and is falling short of the minimum attendance by 2% (yes, you read that right). Their reason - Narsee Monjee is a brand and they cannot possibly allow that to collapse. She is being made to run pillar to post to meet authorities at various echelons from Mumbai University, who are themselves shrugging off all their responsibilities by refusing to take any stand. Instead of supporting and encouraging her in this difficult time, all her cries are falling on deaf ears of the college authorities.

I have one simple question to ask. What is her mistake? Did the college expect her to attend lectures when her mother was breathing her last? How can someone not have a heart, forget humanity and inflict cruelty on a student to this extent? Her exam is due in the next three days, and both sisters are still standing outside the college pleading for one chance to save Maitri's career. We request you to please help and support her so that she can sit for her exams and we can save her year.

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