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Petitioning Narragansett Town Council

Preserve RI 110. Protect Native American and Rhode Island History!


Simply put, the Salt Pond Archaeological Site RI 110 is a historical treasure.

This site has been referenced as the most significant find on the
east coast due to its age. Artifacts from this site date back to
1300-1400 AD presenting a rare view into Native American life before
European settlement. According to the Narragansett Indian Tribal
Historic Preservation Office, this site is an ancient medicine
compound of the Turtle Clan of the Clan of the Narragansett Tribe.
Thousands of artifacts ranging from “projectile points, scrapers, a
quartz drill and a quartz perforator, fragments of ceramic and stone
vessels, stone pestles, a digging tool, grinding stones, stone
pendants, a pipe fragment, bone needles and a bone harpoon” have
already been found at this site. Furthermore, there is evidence of at
least three human burials at this site (RI, Historical Preservation &
Heritage Commission).

Unfortunately, Churchill & Banks has been given the green light by the
Coastal Resources Management Council to continue developing housing
and commercial businesses on this historical site. Once this land is
paved over and developed, we will forever lose a piece of our history.
Please sign this online petition to show your support for preserving
this monumental discovery and help us save history!

Letter to
Narragansett Town Council
We respectfully ask the Narragansett Town Council to support whatever steps are necessary to preserve the prehistoric site located at the head of Point Judith Pond designated RI 110.
It is a nationally important Native American site from 1300-1500 AD that the residents of Narragansett care about. It is the only Native American coastal village which remains intact in New England.

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