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Uniform evaluation system across boards, avoid disparity in extra-curricular activities.

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The evaluation system used by individual boards i.e. CBSE, ICSE and State board is different which is apparent from the marks received by the subject toppers and the distribution of students across the different range of percentages. This way students are suffering due to lack of coordination, dialogue between learned members managing different boards.

 At the same time especially Maharashtra Board has without sufficient notice decided to relax the eligibility criteria for allotment of extra marks to some of the extra curricular activities like Sports, Drawing, Dancing, Singing etc. Even though this decision is apparently seen as well meaning and based on good intention for students appearing for state board examination, by attaching some importance to arts and sports, still it has some of the issues, which is having adverse impact on the students.

Normally extra curricular activities are meant to relax the students, hence children are normally given choice to pick up the hobby of his/her choice. For some of the creative hobbies like exercising to keep oneself fit, yoga, cookery, embroidary, creative writing, origami etc, does not necessary have examinations to evaluate and will not qualify for the additional marks in the current scope of government directive. This will eventually result in the children loosing their freedom to even choose the hobby of their liking, and will be forced to choose those activities which would add extra marks. Hence, to me they should support the petition. Since its loss of freedom I guess everybody, who values their freedom should support the petition.

If government sticks to the decision then the history will repeat where the veracity of the certificates produced was doubtful and created a loop hole waiting to be exploited for willing.

There is already a sense in the parents community that the education is no longer a nobel service of the community at large, the way the earlier generation educationist envisaged it. Rather with few exceptions it is seen as an industry, run for profit. This incorrect implementation will create a new cottage industry. Hence, all those against industrialization of education should support the petition.

Everyone knows that students’ life has become stressful, and students focused on academics are essentially meticulously planning and working hard for acquiring each additional mark. Depriving them of choice selecting a hobby is going to add to the depression but more so when its heart wrenching and completely depressing that some other people using the loopholes are getting ahead. Hence everyone who wants a worry free life for children should support the petition.

The parents who are feeling vindicated with the current directive since their children stand to benefit will still have to tide over the fact that someone using a loop hole and not having enough expertise, gains the same no of marks in the same category. These parents should support the petition as well.

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