Reject Anti Student NEP-2020

Reject Anti Student NEP-2020

1 August 2020
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The Hon’ble Prime Minister
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Respected Sir,
Strongly condemning New Education Policy-2020 announced by the Central Government

In its bid to go for all out privatization, commercialization, saffronization and fascisation BJP led central government has announced this destructive education policy in total disregard of the protests of large number of educationists, teachers, scientists, intellectuals, guardians and students cunningly taking the advantage of the helpless condition of the people caused by Covid-19 pandemic.
The NEP's objects are as follows.
1. To abolish all remnants of democratic functioning of the educational bodies and establish complete bureaucratic governmental control over education.
2. To destroy scientific, democratic, secular thinking and foster religious, obscure, medieval mentality among students against the teachings of Raja Rammohan, Pandit Iswarchandra Vidyasagar, Joyoti Rao Phule and all great pioneers of Indian Renaissance
3. To allow national and foreign corporates to turn education as a business sector to earn profit by exploiting the students which would increase the cost of education to such height that would become unbearable for the common students and thus maximum number of common students will be deprived of the scope of education.
4. To hand over education sector to corporates and paving the ground for government to shrug off its financial responsibility.
5. To turn the ‘educated community’ in the words of Einstein ‘literate machine’ devoid of human values and culture.

This New Education Policy is anti-people anti-education and a fascist design to serve the ruling capitalist class and ruling party, BJP.
We call upon all section of the teachers, educationists, intellectuals, guardians, students and people to resist and compel the government to abandon this destructive policy.
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Signatures: 179Next Goal: 200
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