We want No Reservation- Right of equality to all Indians

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Dear Mr. Prime Minster (Shree Narendrabhai Modi).

As we all know that Reservation is burning issue in all over India. and we also know that it was required at the time when it was primarily implemented, but now because of constant efforts of people, Politicians and social organisations. Differentiation based on cast and creed is just a History now. 

The benefits given based on cast and creed is being mis-used and resulting in improper distribution of facilities given by Government of India  by Peoples Money. 

CONSTITUTION OF INDIA has given us  RIGHT OF EQUALITY , and reservation to any special cast or creed, even after so many years of independence, is really in justice to really needy people. and against CONSTITUTION OF INDIA.

Illness, Poverty, Unemployment, Need of Education or any other problems never comes after seeing one's cast or creed. any one can be needy and same facility has to be given to the needy people only. providing benefits to someone who is capable is injustice to the people who cant. 

I hope you know the problem and also the solution, lets not Fight on the names of Casts, lets make a United India, Lets share what extra we have to someone who is in need, lets Finish this reservation on the basis of Cast and creed. and make it available for people who need.


Jai hind, Jai Bharat 

Anup Dave