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Fine the citizens who pollute

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Why should some irresponsible citizens make my country dirty and why should we tolerate? Why there is no strict fine system in India to fine them and control this irresponsible behavior!!

A City needs Smart garbage management by both governing council/law enforcement and citizens.

What Citizens need to do for the city:

· Pay fine of at least Rs.1000 which can go upto Rs.10000 for the following violation:

- Dumping house garbage outside of designated garbage cans/bins

- Street vendors dumping garbage on the street/drain.

- People eating from street vendors throwing trash/littering near the shop

- Throwing garbage from moving vehicle.

-  Dumping building material on the road.

-  Parents not stopping their kids from littering in parks.

-  People littering in public parks.

-  Spitting on road/public places/walls (Anywhere except your home should be punishable)

-  Urinating in public

-  Defacing/graffiti/posters on walls/electric poles.

·  Citizens must segregate all their garbage to recycle, bio-degradable and work with garbage collectors every morning to dump them in trucks.

·  Citizens must pay a nominal service fee for garbage collection.

·  Above all; citizens must learn to become responsible.

 What City needs to provide citizens?

·  Segregated Large Garbage bins at every 100 meters.

o   One for re-cycle ready  material – Plastics, Tin, metal, paper.

o   One for bio-degradable material – Food leftovers and other bio degradable items.

o   One for hazardous material – cell phone, alkaline batteries, CFLs. (These bins need not be everywhere; can be only at very few designated places)

·  Households having more than particular limit of people (i.e. 10) should be forced to buy their own garbage bins from municipality. They should be responsible to take the garbage can out by 7AM everyday for garbage trucks to pick them up.

·  Recycling plant to segregate metals, plastics and paper and recycle them.

· Recycled product outlet in various places in city for citizens to buy.

· Clear notice boards in public places specifying fine amount for littering to citizen in English and local language.

· Plain closed littering inspectors in various public places to implement fine system and also take pictures of people littering and post them in social media.

· Making Malls/large food chains mandatory to create and maintain public toilets in their premises.

· Build public pay toilets at every 1 KM.

· Drains should be covered at all times in the entire city.

· Guthka must be banned with surprise squard raiding pan shops everyday.

· Why plastic bags and thermocol plates, glasses are still allowed in this country? All such factories should get help to switch to Natural - plant based and bio degradable plate/bag/glass production. 

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