Start Monthly Payment To The Farmers

Start Monthly Payment To The Farmers

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pranita deshpande started this petition to Narendra Modiji and

 Dear friends, 

   Today I have turned to very serious question. Which has been started since so many years. There are a lot of quarrels, discussions, meetings, arguments, violence, etc. we are looking since so many years but no one has created perfect solution for the farmers. 

  So many leaders developed with questions but they have taken benefit for themselves. They became great leaders wondering in the airplanes but what about our farmers? They are on the same place with same problems. 


  Do you think that farmers have knowledge of marketing? They only know to work hard, see their fields with full of green plants and crops, cultivate it and send to the markets. If farmers will understand complete marketing ideas he will never work in the farm. He didn't know marketing so he is working there. minister of agriculture 2020 ,agriculture minister of maharashtra


  I think that 80 % farmers are spiritual. So they know how to be happy in any situation? He maybe get anything or not but he never demands for anything. 

  ONLY DISCUSSIONS : Since how many years we know that every year farmer has to face troubles. It may draught, it maybe flood, it maybe storm, It maybe any troubles. In them he carrying a lot of negativity along with his work. So he has always another troubles of health. He had more daughters and kids. He didn't know how to be professional so he spends a lot of money anywhere. Many farmers  didn't know how to save money ? 

We know that everywhere there are  huge difficulties in front of him still we are  giving him as like beggar, he is the king of the universe and we say give 10,000 for the damage of this crop. Of them some are cutting in the corruption. Some leaders are carrying boycott for it.  For that how much we are losing energy and human power. Instead if he will get fixed monthly income he will become really king of the universe. 


   First he must have to feel completely secure, it will create positive atmosphere with him and with this happiness he will nourish to the universe. He will remove his worries, he will understand how to live a life with discipline and he will work with full of ideas and talents.

We know that, He never spent money for his health, he eats less nutritional food, he didn't drink milk at home only he had to sell it in the market. His life is very panic and has to work hard.

   Stop to give him Pik Vima and help because 80% farmers have no money to fill it. They are taking loan from loaners and at last suicide. Its very tragedy  of his life. 

Why did ? How many days? Why did he has to suffer? He has the right to get payments. Create some rules for it. Give him some small work but start monthly payment for him. Secure farmers.  

  Do you think that it is right way to secure our farmers? If so please sign in to my petition.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 25!
At 25 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!