Women Empowerment

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Save Girl Educate Girls Marry Girls Exploit Girls and Divorce Girls 

Yes that's my story..

Born in a well educated family ,now a Doctor an ENT surgeon to be precise..

Married to a Budding Anaesthesiologist who was yet to complete his Post Graduation yet gave birth to our daughter..and suddenly I was of no use but more of an responsibility which he never took for all 6 years nor his parents and now he easily abandoned me and my daughter. All his family and he saying you are educated and can feed yourself and your daughter..Give us a Divorce..and don't demand maintenance as by law you are educated and we will keep your daughter.

This people rather her own father did not ever visit my daughter in last safe and emotionally stable would my daughter be with such people..Father doesn't visit her school, never attended a single parent teacher meeting nor her Annual Day or Sports Day or Fathers day, leave aside paying her school fee, buying admission forms or buying any dress..but not even visited her on her birthday. She remembers her father and sends him whatsapp audio, video, asks him to come back home..makes greeting cards for him..says we will do this or that when pappa comes...

Whereas these people go to police station to remove me out and when legally police said no...they remove my bags and my daughter out..then they send local politicians and his people to my clinic and home to vacate the house immediately..they endangered our lives..rather than acting legally..they are emotionally harassing the little kid and refraining her from fathers love so they get easy Divorce..Father promises to meet her daughter only after much should I trust?? And why she be deprived of his love ..maybe I am at fault..but what wrong has that innocent girl done..

Is my education my crime..

Do we educate Girls so that in laws gain money out of her salary or profession..

And if not that then leniency in Divorce issues..

Girls are educated so that she can run for money and feed herself and her child and these men use and throw them out of their houses(photo attached, they removed a 3yr old girl out)..with more educated a girl less the penalty..

Isn't it same as rape the victim and leave her because she is educated...and pay nominal maintenance for the kid or take that kid with yourself.

Is this Educate a girl child and you educate a family..


Educate a girl child and Enjoy her.

There should be strict rules..and a girls education should not be an upper hand or easy way out for in laws..Husband need to pay what they have to..

I cannot do all , I am not single woman army..

Yes I can earn..but to earn single handled is going to take toll on my daughter..her emotional needs..time ..which he ever gave her or knows about...maybe barely think

I Hope Educating Girl should not serve a boon to such or any in laws..

Educated women no maintenance..why?? I slogged to attain my degree for a decade and compromised it and my carrier for upbringing my my lost carrier and experience years be of no husband should compensate for that..

In today's high priced world both husband and wife need to work..then how can only my salary be termed enough...

My parents educated me not my husband...Rather my parents and me gave a place to stay, went for his exams and supported him all his post graduation..and now when her earns well...he forgets his own family..??

In India a girl need to adjust to her in laws demands and time..and she is left to herself after availing her service..

Yes I would want my husband to come back..tried counsellor..which he hardly attended..he hardly picks my calls nor attends to my daughter

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