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Gorkhaland our ultimate ultimatum, Center hear the plea of the citizens of Darjeeling

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Dear Modiji,

A humble request from a citizen of Darjeeling .Stop the blood shed of our people. It's no more about political parties, we are not from any political party we are the common citizen of Darjeeling who want what is ours, that is "Gorkhaland", we want to be freed from the oppression of the Unjust Government of West Bengal. Mamta Banerjee has made the matters worse, we the people are fired up with her latest decisions and act. We condemn her for the unprovoked lathi charged against old, women and students of Darjeeling who were participating in peaceful protest. We want this fight to stop which has lasted for decades now. We want peace back in our "Queen of Hills Darjeeling", which bleeds badly now. How much more blood should we shed for our own land?? Our brothers have given up their lives in the borders, all to protect the country who doesn't even have the courtesy to stop the violence started by our dear Mamta Banerjee. We want justice and your immediate intervention. We want our land back and this time we wont settle for anything less.

Hoping you will not turn a deaf ear against us because we the people have hill have faith in you and your just decision.

On behalf of the citizens of Darjeeling 

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