We need to know where and how our money is spent

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Hi all

I am one of the 1.3 billion people in this country (INDIA) . I love my country but i am not happy with my country and the way the country is organized.

Its very frustrating to find that so many things are happening the way they are not supposed to go . Every single person in this country knows that something or everything is wrong with the government but still they remain silent and does nothing rather than thinking that some one will come and make the country better but it is not going to happen until and unless each and every one of us takes pledge to put some effort in making the country a better place to live

The main reason of this petition is that 100's and 1000's of crore of money is spent on projects and we didn't know how this money is spent and where exactly it is spent . We as the tax payers of this country should know where and how our money is spent . Its our right to ask and we should ask and fight until we gets the answer.

I want the detailed report of the expenditures spent on each and every project . We know they spent lots of money in constructing many buildings , bridges etc., but the fact is they seems to be costing way more that they are supposed to be . It seems like they are building these structures using high grade materials which are not available for public and costs 10 times more than their consumer counter parts . we also know whats happening in the system but we choose not to speak .

This problem is cant be solved by the Right to Information act it can only solved by making an audit process at the government end before they call for contracts as majority are done based on contracts , and there is not any framework that describes the limit at which they can file a tender so it ends up over priced and most of the times these dead lines are not reached and more and more money is spent making the project way more expensive .

We need very strict audit and limit framework . This should limit the amount they can use on the project and a reasonable dead line and strict penalties should be imposed . By this we can limit the money that is over expending on a project.