We need stricter anti-rape laws(like China,Saudi Arabia)in India #JusticeForPriyankaReddy

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Dr Priyanka Reddy, a veterinary doctor from Shamshabad in Hyderabad was found dead with her body partially burnt under Chatanpalli bridge in Shadnagar on Thursday morning. She had worked as a doctor in Kolluru village.The incident happened on Wednesday night. She was raped, smothered and then burnt by four men who are said to be hailing from Narayanpet.

Priyanka Reddy who returned home from clinic has gone to another clinic around 5.50 pm. She parked her scooter at the toll plaza and took a cab.The doctor's younger sister told the police that her sister called her around 9.22 pm saying that she was at the toll plaza and waiting to get back her scooter from a person who took the vehicle for repair as it had a flat tyre. "You keep talking until my scooter comes back. They are all waiting outside. I am scared," Priyanka told her sister. However, later he hung up telling her sister she would call soon.

Her sister said that Priyanka's phone was switched off when the former called her sister around 9.44 pm. When the family failed to reach her over phone, she drove to toll plaza but did not find her following a complaint was lodged with the police. Priyanka's body was found burnt around 25 km from the toll plaza.

Four people were detained by the Cyberabad police on Friday. They were identified as Mohammad Areef (driver), Jollu Naveen (cleaner), Chennakeshavulu (cleaner), Jollu Shiva (driver).

We want more strict laws for women's safety...

Can this case set an example for strict women's safety laws?