This independence let us all a bring about a change by taking an effort to read.#FreeIndia

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This independence, the best and probably only thing you can do for the country today is read this and decide where do you want to see your country in the near future.

Why was reservation made?Till when it was made? Is it some natural phenomenon which will last forever?

It was made for

1.Upliftment of weaker sections of society

2.To bring equality.

Earlier who were referred as the weaker sections of society? The dalit’s, scheduled castes, scheduled tribes etc. But now who are referred as weaker sections of society? The dalits? Scheduled tribes? No it’s only the poor. In India despite your caste, you are weak if you are poor regardless you are a dalit or a brahmin. This shows the first demand of why reservation was made is achieved as they are no more the weaker sections of society.


To bring equality, it is important everyone is treated equally,if they(reserved) have seats reserved for them in the best of the undergraduate and postgraduate colleges and also the best government jobs, then how can they be treated equally if they are treated differently by the system.

This major aim of the current reservation can be completed once this reservation by caste is abholished .So keeping the goal same a new reservation system should be based on this platform with the same demands but different definition of weaker section.

What if you are a poor brahmin? You don’t get any help from the government because your ancestors (100 years ago) enjoyed their lives?

And why should a son of millionaire dalit enjoy these benefits?(income certificate is only required for OBC, not for SC,ST,NT etc)

Please sign the petition for your support on income based reservation instead of caste based. Be it the same percentage of reservation but for the new weaker sections.

Let’s all support Ambedkar and help uplifting the weaker section and bring equality which was his main aim.