The Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Bill

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With the Rajya Sabha passing The Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Bill, 2016, six months of maternity leave will soon be a reality for women working in the organised sector. But how soon? The Bill is yet to become a law, and for that to happen the Bill has to be passed in the Lok Sabha as well. The Bill was passed in the Rajya Sabha during the monsoon session of the Parliament in August. The next session of the Parliament will be held only in December. And though there were reports saying that the Labour Ministry had requested the Prime Minister’s Office to take the Ordinance route to speed up the process, there has been no further news on that front.

Our Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi, in all his speeches, pushes for women empowerment. Then, why the delay? Shubh kaam mein kaisi deri, Modiji? Expectant women in India already go through a hell lot of stuff. The gender bias at work, the constant public glare, the 'oh, she's pregnant, so she won’t be productive at work' remarks, the never-ending pothole filled roads, the rowdy drivers of the public transport and so on! Why is the government not doing its bit to ease the burden on them? What use is the bill if it hasn't been implemented yet? We all know the need of women contributing to the economy is very vital.

Moves like these will only encourage more and more women to go out and work with a sense of security. The importance of a mother in the life of a child is something I needn't emphasize on. So please join me and sign this petition with me and empower the many mothers in India. Let's not forget, the hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world!

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