Decision Maker Response

Maneka Gandhi’s response

Mar 9, 2017 — Dear Petitioners,
I had noticed many petitions from you all through asking for the Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Bill to be passed. I am delighted to inform that the Lok Sabha has passed the Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Bill today.

With the assent of Honourable President of India, which should happen in the next few days, all working women will become entitled to maternity leave for a period of 26 weeks.

This will enable them to exclusively breast-feed the child for 6 months which is critical for the good health of the child. The mother will also be able to take care of her own health and fully recuperate before she goes to work back. This benefit will be available for two children.

In the event of a working woman having more children, she will still be entitled for leave for 12 weeks. Maternity leave of 12 weeks will also be available to adopting and commissioning mothers.

This is a historic decision taken by our government. I had requested Honourable Minister for Labour to make these changes in relevant laws and I am grateful to him for taking up my request.

While congratulating all working women who are planning to have a child, I assure you that we will continue to work for women in the country.

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Thank you,

Maneka Sanjay Gandhi
Union Minister for Women and Child Development