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Fixing Internet services And Frequent electricity power outages on Sivasagar District Assam

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Hello TRAI and Narendra modi sir,

Today i'm over here with a drastically situation going on in our district that is sivasagar.Internet services over here are pretty much poor and horrible and looks like no one is caring for us as its a district not a city.Also we are apart of India so everyone should think as same not like developing only the big cities of India and leaving others with silence.And i'm saying this because prime minister narendra modi sir did a great job with the development on indian cities with technology now everyone is in competition to compete with others.But sadly for us its not happening because we didn't got developed.So i requisition to trai and narendra modi sir to fulfill and view with the same sight as it is been viewed with the indian cities and sivasagar district with a better future like the others so that each and every person can think of been to be in a competition and can competitive rather than wasting.This lac of drawbacks can fix mostly in colleges that we got over here and also schools basically as a whole i'm pointing on education and in other purposes like online gaming too.Now i would like to tell you about the current state what is going on with the internet over here we got none local internet providers here.Only we have bsnl which is listed as the most horrifying internet provider in india in case of speeds,latency,routing and unstableness they never give what they promise this is the most constant fact.And in case of ours the average speed is 24mbps but 24mbps connection is only for the areas which are nearer to the bsnl office also it got an unexpected bandwith caps and the most interesting thing is that 24mbps is only for download speed in case of upload the speed is noted as 0.27mbps which is not been fullfilled as per the monthly payment average users over here have the Rs 750 plan which delivers 1mbps up to 6gb then 512kbps afterall and in this case the safe fact only for download and another issue is the latency which we referred as ping as bsnl is a international company we don't have a local server so the ping is very much horrible with the unstabelness and packet losses also high jittler it pings wherever it like another case is the bandwidth cap.So in case of comparing with the other indian cities it got infinite numbers of local internet providers that can choose able according to the customer which our prime minister narendra modi made this possible with brilliant speeds,latency,and direct routings.Our district want the same things so that it will help us in competing.

And the second thing we got the most pathetic problem is the electricity power outages this is going worst day by day because we are having frequent power outages and which is making our life black and affecting mostly ever users, it’s been going on from ages till now we haven't seen a single percent of improvement. And comparing to the other Indian cities this thing is very stable and been improved day by day meanwhile in our state assam guwahati which is known to be the biggest city got some small amount of improvement from last year which is 2014.Also this is affecting in variety way's in case of schools and colleges for every student and citizens too. This thing had been a dream now from ages that "When we will get a stable electricity so that we can do our work with the relaxation".

So i request you narendra modi sir and trai to look into this both matter and take a step to fix this as soon as possible because you are the only hope for our sivasagar citizens.Thank you. 



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