Support our Farmers

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Indian farmers are on the verge of losing their livelihood since the new Agricultural Acts ensure a clean passage for rich Corporate houses and have no remedy for the poor and marginal farmers. Agriculture is backbone of majority of our population and our farmers had learnt to survive all ordeals and somehow adjusted to a very low return vocation where APMC mandis were the only safeguard against exploitation by private traders. But these new Bills have ensured that the APMC mandis be rendered useless and the whole pie be given to two big Corporate houses, which are investing heavily in setting up their godowns and silos to hoard stocks for future.

The farmers cannot go to Court in case any dispute arises and would be at complete mercy of these business houses. Now, when they raised their voice and went on for a peaceful agitation they are being harassed at every step. Barricades were put before the caravans, ditches were dug on roads and they were hit by water canons and tear gas shells by the police to repel them from protesting peacefully, a Right given by Constitution of India. Not even old farmers were spared. See how these farmers, including old ones, are being treated.

This has shaken the national consciousness. Let us raise our voices in support of these farmers so that it reaches the top echelons so they do not mistreat our hardworking farmers instead agree to their genuine demand.