Stop Violance Against Non Tribals in Meghalaya.

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Stop the violance against the Non-Tribal community of Meghalaya and stop refering us as 'Dkhar' (Outsiders).

In a recent Incident, 4-5 Non-Tribal boys of Shillong were beaten miserably without any reason. Other incidents include putting up a random Non-Tribal salesman on fire thus killing him, burning down several Non-Tribal shops in Shillong, stabbing of random Non-Tribal men to death in Bara Bazar, Beating up of Multiple Non-Tribals in Mawlai, Shillong on a regular basis.

These are the incidents to just highlight the issue, there are several thousand more incidents which have been happening in Meghalaya for the past 3 decades. It's prime time to raise our voices before something worse happens again to our Non-Tribal Indian Brothers and Sisters.